Frequently asked questions

What payment options do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum on top of bank wire transfers.

Where is your mining facility located?

On the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, near the airport.

Can I visit the mining site?

Certainly, kindly contact us via our email.

Which pool are you using for mining?

We accommodate as per clients’ request for preferred mining pool.

What ongoing support do you provide?

Installation of rigs and continuous management with onsite staff overlooking operations 24/7. We conduct routine maintenance which includes cleaning and firmware updates. We are also capable of making certain types of repairs when necessary. We aim to maximize the operational lifespan of the rigs our clients host with us.

What cooling measures do you use at your mining facility?

Inward: Constant cool airflow with high-volume industrial fans

Outward: Tubes and ventilation fans installed to draw out the heat released from the mining rigs

Inside the facility: Deflector on rooftop for consistent airflow circulation within the facility

What types of machines can you host at your facility?

We accept all Bitmain ASICs machines. If you are interested in mining with other equipment, kindly let us know and we shall try to accommodate.

What type of coins can I mine at your facility?

You can mine whichever coin your mining machine supports.

Is there a burglary risk?

Our facility has on-site personnel 24/7 within the facility, monitoring the operation of machines. There is also indoor and outdoor camera surveillance in addition to dedicated security personnel within the premises.

How do I monitor / access my rig?

We provide remote access software in which Clients can monitor each rig’s hash rate, temperature and etc. Clients can also monitor through the mining pool in which they register in.

Minimum contract length?

We require a minimum contract length of 3 months.

Is there a set-up fee?

We do require an initial set-up fee of $50, however that price is negotiable depending on the quantity of the machines the client wishes to host with us.

How does the hosting fee work?

The client can choose from one of existing packages and pay accordingly. For the prepaid packages, the client is expected to pay before the machines start mining. Prices can be negotiated based on the number of machines. Let us know what you are looking for.

What other costs should I expect?

The client is expected to purchase and ship their mining rigs to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

There are no hidden costs besides the agreed monthly hosting and set-up fees in addition to customs fees stated at the start of agreement.

Mongolian customs cost can be roughly calculated as follows: (Rig Cost + Shipping Cost) x 15.5%

I have absolutely no understanding of bitcoins or how to mine them, but I want to mine. Where can I get started?

New to the blockchain industry, but you believe in the technology and wish to mine cryptocurrency? No problem. Just let us know and we will arrange everything for you. In the meantime, please feel free to visit ‘Learn Mining’ section to catch up on the basics.

What if I decide to terminate my contract?

Contracts can be terminated based on the terms of our agreement. Once the contract is cancelled, the client is responsible for all costs associated with shipping their equipment to a different location.

Do you provide cloud mining services?

We do not provide cloud mining services, strictly colocation hosting service.